In your selected room - select the blue button 'ADD DILAP' which can be found at the bottom of each room line item 

  • This will open a 'Condition at Check Out'
  • In the top box marked 'Type to filter options' you will find a dropdown box of the most common dilapidations used e.g if you start typing 'D' it will narrow the drop down to 'Dusty' you can select this from the drop down and it will enter in the box below the drop down menu
  • You can use your own text by typing in the box below the drop down menu 
  • Use the the drop down menu to complete Action Category e.g. Cleanliness, Action Required e.g. Cleaning required Allocation Tenant
  • Use the media icon to take photos allows max 5 photos
  • Press Confirm in green at the bottom once you have added all the information

The window will close and the created dilapidation will appear as 'yellow'  triangle under the room line description 

To edit the dilapidation click on the orange triangle to open the window and select the dilapidation 

This will open up edit window to apply changes and press SAVE 

To delete the dilapidation press the REMOVE button