From the "Job Checklist" screen open the list of rooms by pressing on the downward arrow on the left of the "Rooms" bar.

To amend the rooms list press the "Paper with Pencil" icon to the right of the Rooms heading bar. 

Once you have typed the descriptions within a room you are able to copy all of the descriptions in that room to include, if you wish, the condition of the items into a new room.

  • Press the "Double Paper" icon against the room you wish to copy from. Once pressed a pop up will appear
  • Input the new room name in the box.
  • If you wish to include the condition elements against the items press on the small box and a tick will appear.
  • Press "Confirm" and the new room will appear, complete with the copied data, at the bottom of the Rooms list. 
  • To change the order of the room, press and hold the 4 line icon and slide the room into the correct order. 

Note: Photographs do not get copied over so you will need to take the required photographs of this new room.

Once you have made all of the required changes to the rooms list press on the "Paper with Tick" icon to accept the changes.