When you are on the main job checklist which shows all of the different tabs which consist within the report itself, you need to open up the ' rooms ' drop down list.

From here you will notice a small pencil/paper type icon in the right hand side of the Rooms header. If you click on this the page then becomes editable, i.e it brings up the features to copy, delete, move rooms etc around.

To copy a room you need to press on the two rectangle icon which is the very first icon on the actual room name line. Once you select this a pop up message appears stating ' Input new room name ' which enables you to call the room either the same name or a different one. You also get the option to include condition, which means the copying function will also not only bring the room over, it will bring the contents of the condition too if selected. Once you have inputted the new name & select YES/NO to the condition you then need to press ' confirm '.

See screenshots below.