Setting Up DigiSign on KMS 

Ensure that the [Report Type] is configured to DigiSign in the Client set up against the reports it is required on.

Go to the [Client] screen, and under [Product Catalogue] ensure that [Tenant Signing] is enabled

Set the parameters. This include reminders, text messages etc.

Message content at different stages of the process can be amended in [Email Text]

Next you need to create a job and ensure on the [Job Details] screen that you have details for the Landlord and the Tenant, including a valid email address.

Tick the box to say that you want to activate [Request Electronic Signature] for this job.

Uploading and Sending a DigiSign Report

After the job has been completed and uploaded from the mobile device to KMS and is ready to be sent for signature, go to [Report Editor], [Upload and Send] and choose [ Send  for Tenant Signature]

Check that all the details are correct.  The Tenant and Landlord details should have copied from the Job Details screen.

Then choose [Next and Complete]

The Tenant and Landlord will receive email notifications to say that the report is ready.

The email will contain a LINK to the report.

Tenant Interaction with DigiSign

When the LINK is selected, it will take the user (the Tenant) to the Kaptur system where they can view a PDF of the report

When the Tenant has reviewed the PDF of the report, they may wish to leave feedbackThis is done on the same screen, using the plus button and [Add Feedback] button.

The Tenant can select a room, a sub item and can enter text and add a supporting photo.

They can add several feedback items. Remembering to [Save]

After they have completed their feedback, the Tenant will [Sign the Report]

This will trigger the [Status] of the job to change to [Review Tenant Feedback]

Reviewing Tenant Feedback and Sending Report

The Clerk or Franchisee will then log into the job and under the section [Report Editor] and [Tenant Sign Off], they can see the feedback left by the Tenant, with any supporting photos.

The Clerk or Franchisee will then take each feedback item in turn and either APPROVE, DISPUTE or REFER to AGENT.

When completed, the Clerk or Franchisee will Sign in the signature box and choose [Next and Complete]

The report is now automatically added to the [Library].

When viewing the PDF of the report, the Tenant feedback will appear on the last page(s) of the report.

The Franchisee can then re-send the report with the Invoice (local clients) by going to [Report Editor[ and choosing [Upload and Send] and selecting [Send Paperwork], and choosing document/invoice/contact

If the Tenant does not have any feedback, they just sign the report on the screen

The process is then the same as described above, this will trigger the [Status] of the job to change to [Review Tenant Feedback] but there will be no feedback to review, the Clerk/Franchisee will sign off  the report

And then send …

If the Tenant does not review and sign the report, it will automatically be deemed as accepted after the timescale set on the client screen.

A notification will be sent to the Tenant to say that the report has been deemed accepted.

A copy of the amended report will go into the [Library] tab on the job and the report will have the words “This report has been auto-approved”   on top of the signature page.

The report should now be re-sent as previously described