When logged in as a Franchisee.

Go to [Clients]

Select the Client

Go the [Finance] tab and [Invoices]

When you select the button [Consolidated Invoice]

You can select the jobs you want to include on the consolidated invoice

Then click on the green [Create Consolidated Invoice] button

You can review each line item in the consolidated invoice, select any values you wish to amend and Preview the invoice.

If you wish to amend a value within the invoice, click on the job address in the [Summary] section and you will be taken to the invoice screen for that job and you can change the amount and/or amend the summary section.

If you make any amendments you will need to set-up the consolidated invoice again as detailed above and [Save].

That invoice is now saved under that client as a Draft invoice.  It will have a [CI] prefix

And can be emailed to the contact list for that client