From your KMS Dashboard Navigation Bar select [Finance] [Price Lists]

Press [Add Price List] button

Create a price list by [Name]

Complete all the fields on the [Details] screen to include prices for Smoke Alarm / CO Alarm / Batteries if applicable and [SAVE]

Next - Go to [Room Specific] screen

You will see a [Download CSV Template] button which will give you the correct template to prepare your price list

Create  a new spreadsheet as per the  above example. When you have prepared your excel spreadsheet, you must then save it as a .csv file.

It can only be uploaded as a .csv (not an excel spreadsheet).

When completed, your Price List must list Report Types named exactly the same as they are in the new software. (in the Produce Catalogue), eg; you cannot have Inv & C/in on the spreadsheet and Inventory and Check In in the new software as this will cause a mis-match.

See below a completed example of a completed Price List .csv file ready to upload. All fields must be completed.

Next - Choose [Import CSV] button

Name the document you are importing and find the document from your source (eg; laptop/Dropbox etc) using [Upload]

Choose [Import and Save] button

Your price list should have uploaded


The next step is to LINK your Price List to the Client.

This is done in the Client set up screen and under the [Details] tab and section [Finance Option], choose your Price List