Below is a list of the items that were deployed to the live Kaptur web environment on the evening of Wednesday 14th February 2024.


- Addresses cannot be edited for some jobs - user cannot book jobs.

- When looking at jobs to copy from v1, display order from V1 should be in date order with most recent job at the top.

- Jobs that are at [Pending Tenant Signature] to be included in consolidated invoice list.

- Sending reports - email address of all recipients to be noted in the audit trail.

- Users showing in [Clerk] drop down filter should only be relevant to that Franchise


- For some custom reports (Legionella / Fire Safety) empty rows should hide on the PDF.

-  PDF photos - resolved issues with the display and formatting of the photos in the pdf reports.

- In-line photos on the PDF were pixilated.

Report Editor

- Add functionality for [Copy Room] in Report Editor.

- Inventory and Check In Tenant signature - signatures appearing on PDF incorrect boxes.

- Create Overviews Button - button for creating an overview section if missing

- Error displayed when adding room item to room. Fixed.

- Declaration is now non-editable on web and mobile

- Sub items missing when rooms created manually in web.


- Client contact to transfer to V2 from V1 on job screen.

- All client notifications to go to Contact on Job Screen, NOT to be sent to Main Client Contact.


- Default Country to [UK] when uploading properties.


- Price lists not being uploaded properly - missing columns.

- Include job appointment date on invoice detail.

- Change format date to [UK] on client invoices.

- Invoice not amending number of bedrooms same as job screen.

- Add job sheet to job notification email.


- Clients not receiving reports when notification received.

- Franchisee should only have visibility of their own local clients.

- Reset password emails were not being sent.