Logging In

To login into your Kaptur Management Suite (KMS) visit the web site www.nolettinggo.co.uk

At the top right corner [Login], choose the option for [New Kaptur Log in]

At the log in screen, enter your username (this is your email address) and the password you have set and press [Login]

Viewing Jobs

The next screen is your home screen showing all your jobs.

These can be filtered using different criteria (e.g.; postcode, job type, date of job etc.) and [Search].

There is a button to clear all the filers [Clear Filters & Results].

By selecting the job code on the left, the user can see the details of any of the jobs already added.

There are tabs to view the Status history and Audit trail for the job.

If the job has been completed, the user can view the final report in the [Library] tab, where the document can be downloaded.

This is also where Key Signature and Key Return documents are stored, if these had been captured on the mobile device.

Adding a New Job

To add a new job, choose the [Add Job] blue button on the Jobs screen

This will give you a screen to enter all the required information to add a new job.

Those fields indicated with an asterisk are mandatory fields.

For adding a new address, in the [Select Address] field, if the address is not already in the system, the user will get a green box to add a new address.

Once all of the information has been inputted into the job press the green [Save] button at the bottom of the screen